Échiquiers de luxe FUMEX

For the beauty
of the game…

From the very first glance, you know this game will be a good one. An epic board designed to keep your opponents in check. Pieces that are master moves in their own right. And a chequered board crafted with an exquisitely light touch, lending the expression 'the beauty of the game' its full meaning...

Artistry at its finest

If chess is an art, Fumex chessboards are the embodiment of artistry.

The art of pure lines and a sense of proportion and space, with an attention to detail that leaves no room for approximation.

The art of premium materials, from anodised aluminium and chrome silver to ruthenium and 24-carat gold plating.

The art of a flawless finish. And the art of unbridled creativity, in which emotion and feeling are left free to flow.

Unique, customised

A Fumex chess set gives you the freedom to choose each and every last piece to reflect who you are.

A chess set designed to be entirely unique and endlessly customisable, as infinite as the game's 10126 different possible moves and games.

Block colours or multi-faceted engravings, gemstones or luxurious metals, each chess piece crafted by Fumex's artisans is utterly unique. Our luxury sets are each allocated a limited edition serial number to ensure all pieces are protected, and their value never wanes.

in France

Each chessboard returns to the workshop again and again, for over 250 hours of crafting, polishing and anodising until complete perfection is achieved…

Based in Annecy, with 40 years of experience in precision mechanics, Fumex sees chess as a waiting game rather than a purely strategic pursuit. The luxury here lies in how we do things, rather than how we see them.

From the moment you take one of the pieces in your hand, you will get a sense of our experience and passion, the quality of our raw materials and the breadth of our expertise. Our vision goes beyond the linear, approaching what we do from all angles.

imagination is the name of the game

David Bronstein

become masters of the game!

With a luxury Fumex chess set, treat your clients to more than just entertainment.

Give them an experience. An emotion. A moment in time. Create a little bit of magic that ensures they'll never forget your name.


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